Boudoir Looks: The Bombshell (Part 1) {Washington DC Boudoir Photographer}

One of the questions I get asked most is “what the heck should I wear for my shoot?”.  To which I have an incredibly long-winded reply that you’ve likely heard if we’ve photographed together before!  However, even though I love giving that thorough reply on the phone, I know it often helps to see some of the concepts in photographs!  The Bombshell is the classic boudoir look.
It is defined by high heels, sexy thigh highs, and some super sexy lingerie in the form of a corset or a strappy or lacy lingerie set like the ones seen below!
Does it all have to be black?  Certainly not…feel free to rock some fun colors for this look!  To me black is classic bombshell, which is why I seem to have selected examples in just black!
Tip: For ladies who are self conscious about their mid-section, this is a great opportunity to wear a corset, waist cincher or even vintage looking high-wasited panties!
Tip: When selecting your thigh-highs be sure you have a pair that doesn’t feel too tight on your thigh.  If you plan to wear them with a garter belt, I recommend getting a pair that does not have the stay-up silicone lining at the top as they will attach better without it!
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