The Experience

“How do I even start? To say that having my Unveil pictures done was the best thing I have ever done would be an understatement! I was absolutely blown away by not only how it made my husband feel but by how it made me feel. In the months leading up to the photo shoot I was not prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that I would feel. There were many tears as I thought about capturing myself in a book to look at for all time. You see I am a mommy of three adorable children and I was not even close to the models that were in every picture I looked at. I would see something on them and think, “There is no way I will ever look like that!” If I am honest, I was scared and insecure about what I would see when Susannah revealed my pictures. Well I could not have been prepared for how I felt when I saw them! As I looked at myself lovingly sending a message to my spouse that I was 100% his, I saw a real woman. A woman that, yes, did not look plastic but had curves and imperfections which were in their own way beautiful. I looked real, soft, lovely, and captivating. We are real women and perfect not only in the sight of our hubbies but in the sight of our God. What an overwhelming feeling.

After the emotional rollercoaster of waiting to see if I would like them came the waiting to see if my Knight in Shining Armor would feel the same. Again, I was blown away! I did not doubt that he would like them but he totally surprised me by his response. I was waiting for the typical guy response to their wife being naked or close to naked but instead he was plain and simply sweet. He said that he never thought that I could give him a gift that would make him feel that special. He told me I was stunning and that the pictures looked like art. As I explained to him how the pictures made me feel he said, “I am so glad you did this. You are so hard on yourself but the way you look at those pictures is how I see you every time I look at you.” My husband is usually not a man of many words when it comes to receiving gifts, not his love language to say the least, but he could not stop talking about them. Definitely worth every moment spent planning and stepping out on a limb!

If there is one thing I would suggest it would be to go for it! Do it with no reservations! What a special way to show your man that you are totally and completely his. Susannah is so amazing and makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning. She has such a beautiful heart and this is such an incredible gift she is giving to women. In a day and age where I believe there is not enough emphasis on intimacy in the marriage bed comes a special way to bring you closer together.”


  • Miss K » Unveil by Alumbra Photography - […] Miss K hosted a “Girl’s Day Out” with five of her best girl friends!  They had a getaway weekend already planned and so they took their first day of it, escaped to one of the other girls’ houses and we did this fabulous girls day!  There were mimosas, peach schnapps, snacks, party music, a make-up artist, and hair stylist, and a whole lotta lingerie!  I had a blast photographing getting to know this lovely group of ladies and photographing their sessions.  It was craziness leading up to it, all kinds of last minute changes and secrecy (the albums were Christmas presents for their husbands) that made for all kinds of good laughs and fun stories.  Miss K wrote a little about her experience here. […]ReplyCancel

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